Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My Tank Has Arrived!

Well, it finally arrived today. I have tutored and saved for this and hopefully it will be worth every penny. Since I've been full-time at home I've been baking so much more and hardly a week has gone by when I haven't thought of how much time one of these would save me (not to mention how much less frustrated Jacob would be when I'm not holding a mixer in one hand and a bowl in the other so that he has to watch from the floor). Now I can just hit the button, pick my baby up and watch it all come together, together (I imagine the novelty will wear off after the first mix).

What will I bake with it first? Bread. It has to be bread. Much and all as I enjoy kneading dough, this will make the process so much easier on my muscles (Jacob's already working them enough at the moment).

They say these machines are built like a tank - my mum still uses the one she got as a wedding present nearly 30 years ago and its still going strong. I imagine one day it'll just be the heavy, old-fashioned eyesore of a mixer in the corner so it'll be interesting to have a record of the day I got it and how pleased I was.

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