Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Feasting

In the run up to Easter I planned a marathon of baking and cooking to provide for the various guests that would be coming through our doors. I just love the cooking and baking that each annual festivity demands if we are to meet its culinary traditions. Unfortunately, however, I am suffering for it now. By the time Easter Sunday night came round all my visitors had eaten sumptuously in their prior visits of the day and just passed themselves politely at my table by nibbling a few bites. Thus, I have been left with a hoard of sugar-laden delights to share with my husband. Needless to say, right now all I wish for is a slice of plain bread and butter.

Easter Sunday is the day when everyone is focused on the Lamb. (I opted for a leg of lamb and was lazy enough to get my butcher to bone it for me.) While the lamb was a success I was secretly most pleased with the stuffing. It was a moist, fruity stuffing which accompanied the lamb perfectly. It's been a while since I've cooked a leg of lamb and I had in my memory some vague recollection of a stuffing I made at the time consisting of apricots, dates and pinenuts. With this in mind, I set about to create a similar stuffing. I had attempted to make hot cross buns the day before, with less than perfect results, so being determined not to let them go to waste I decided I would use them in my stuffing. I can vaguely remember what it tasted like before so, while I am not sure if this is similar, I do know it was delicious.

Apricot, Date and Pinenut Stuffing (for Lamb)

2 stale hot cross buns
1 onion
handful of apricots
5/6 dates
1 rosemary sprig


1. Process each of the above ingredients individually in a food processor. As each ingredient is processed add it to a large bowl.

2. Mix all the ingredients together (the mixture should be damp).

3. Stuff your leg of lamb with the stuffing and put any extra in a small dish.

4. Cook the lamb according to your timings and the extra dish for 20-30mins uncovered in the same oven as your lamb.

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  1. I love lamb. That stuffing sounds absolutely gorgeous. Your bakes are spectacular. I couldn't ice a cake to save myself.