Saturday, 16 October 2010

Making Sugar 'Flowers'

I was a bit under pressure with a cake this week so I decided to get the sugarpaste out while the boys were up (it doesn't happen too often).

So what does JT do when mummy is busy making sugar flowers....
JT with Sugarpaste (2)

JT with Sugarpaste

Yes, in his ears, nose and hair! How do little boys just seem to autmatically know what is the most disgusting thing to do in each situation. I guarantee a little girl would have been making pretty bows or flowers. And no, I did not stand and just watch him do this, I simply put my head down for 2 mins and when I looked up the sausages he was making had changed to this!

I can assure you this sugarpaste did not feature in any cake!

And the one I was doing....

Barbie Cake

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  1. Hi. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous. Love the frills and flowers. Sophie will love this. What a lucky little girl. Maybe JT is trying to make a cake of his own. I know who I will be asking next year for Shannon's 18th birthday cake. Happy birthday for tomorrow. Donna
    P.S. Shannon got a pair of shoes for her formal. Decided against sandals as they weren't comfortable. Went for closed in shoes instead.