Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Future Careers

JT has been trying his hand at a few different jobs this week.

First there was bean harvesting...
Jacob Picking Beans (13)

Now what's in here.....
Jacob Picking Beans (3)

Jacob Picking Beans (2)

Look mummy.....
Jacob Picking Beans (5)

He even managed to sample one!
Jacob Picking Beans (9)

Then there was cake decorating....
Jacob with Sugarpaste (1)

Jacob with Sugarpaste (7)

And what did CJ make of it all?
Caleb Smiling (7)
He just laughed!

(Note: I take no responsibility for JT running around outside in his pyjama bottoms - that was his father's fault)

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  1. What beautiful photographs. Love CJ's big smile. JT brings back memories of picking peas from Grandads vegetable patch. He really seems to be enjoying himself, hopefully he won't eat too many.
    Thanks for letting me know that your dashboard was updated from my last post. Donna

  2. Funny how picking peas etc always seems to bring everybody back to Granda's garden. I hope JT liked what he tasted but somehow I think not. As with everything he is totally focused on what he is doing. Maybe Auntie L will get a JT special for her birthday.
    As for CJ - a real charmer in the making. Terrific photo - was JT amusing him or is that a 'just for mummy' smile?