Saturday, 3 July 2010

Recent Days

So what have the 3 men been up to lately????
3 Men Smiling

Well there's been a lot of sleeping.....
Jt & Daddy Sleeping

JT Sleeping (1)

CJ with Pip

JT Kissing CJ (1)

JT Lying with CJ (2)

and posing ......
Caleb Sleeping

They've got all dressed up (with nowhere to go).....
CJ in Bouncer (1)

and Buzz and Woody have been keeping one of them very busy.....
JT Playing with Woody (10)

JT Playing with Woody (12)

JT Playing with Woody

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  1. Three happy men even if there is nowhere to go. Great photos. Caleb is getting so big. Woody and Buzz are certainly a hit. Is Pip Caleb's Kaloo?

  2. Hi. Some lovely photographs you have taken. Hope you are also getting plenty of sleep. JT just looks to be getting so big when you see him with Caleb. Donna

  3. Hi. Looks like JT is the proud big brother! Lovely photographs. Hopefully get to see all of you in the flesh before too long. :)