Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A New Arrival

Caleb 1st Day (5)

Well, he's here at last. This little fellow is the real reason that I stopped the food blogging back at Christmas. My taste buds have been all up the left for the past nine months and I have been considerably slowed down with every passing month.

Just thought I'd share some photos with you all.

Caleb Sucking Fingers (4)

JT Nursing Caleb (4)

JT Playing with CJ's Toes (3)

Guess the title's going to have to change now!
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  1. I know someone who's going to be a great big brother. These are gorgeous.

  2. Hi. Hope you are well. Congratulations on your new arrival. These photographs are really beautiful and looks like JT will be a good help to you. Donna

  3. Hey. He's absolutely gorgeous! So tiny! Hope JT is enjoying being a big brother.