Monday, 11 January 2010

Sleeping Beauties (and Apologies)

Sometimes, on a very rare occasion JT takes a break....

Leave us alone mummy!

On another note, those of you who check in here regularly will notice that I haven't been posting my cooking as regularly as I used to. That's because after deliberation I have decided to stop the food blog. I started it back in February and said I would give it a go and I think I've given it a fair go but the bottom line is I don't have time. Something had to give and I decided this was the one to go. I still plan to keep providing updates of JT's antics as I know friends and family members, who don't see him as often as they'd like, love these and we want a record for ourselves. But at the minute I'm finding it difficult enough to get the food cooked/baked never mind photographed and written about as well. Honestly, there are thousands of wonderful food blogs out there by experienced bakers and cooks and mine will not be missed.

Thanks for all your comments and support - I'm so glad that some of you had success you did with the recipes.
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P.S. The recipes I posted will still be archived should anyone wish to access them. Just click on the 'Go to Food' picture on the right.


  1. well, thank you for all the glorious food you've shared already...I'll miss being inspired by your lovely pics ( and samples when I'm lucky!) but understand it all takes time and the days ain't getting any longer! xx thanks for what you've shared already

  2. So cute - definitely Daddy's boy. Does daddy realise he is being blogged while he sleeps?